Netherlands journey!

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My journey to the Netherlands started 2 February 2016 for 27 days for the aim to participate in one training that held by PTC+ and Sponsored by the MENA scholarship .

20160209_120247it was a intense and beneficial course  through out the training many subject that related to the production technolgy current issues and future proseptcs.


Quercus infectoria – Mazi or Manjakani

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Quercus infectoria ( Mazi Oak) in Kurdish (Aleppo oak) is a species of oak, bearing galls that have been used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine.

The complete scientific name is Quercus infectoria G. Olivier. In English, Quercus infectoria is usually called Aleppo oak or Cyprus oak,Asian holly-oak, Downy oak Dyer’s oak, Gall oak. In Malaysia and Indonesia it is known as Manjakani, in IndiaMajuphal is one of many names, in Kurdistan its known as Mazi

Nowadays, gall nut extracts are widely used in pharmaceuticals, medical laboratory techniques as well as inks which use “Aleppo food and feed additives, dyes, and metallurgy.