Trip to Kurd Village – Hungary

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on 16 April 2017 we did a very exciting and interesting trip to one Village in Hungary named  KURD, which could be habitat by Kurdish people from Kurdistan centuries a go on the time of ottoman empire around 1440 according the sources mentioned bellow.

we had a very nice time with some other friends one from Kurdistan and another from Jordan

More information about The history of Kurds in Hungary can be seen in this article

The Kurds in the Ottoman Hungary

Dr. Zurab ALOIAN


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Fishing time

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As summer comes, many people from the cities and towns go out for fishing and  swimming in the nearby rivers instead of swimming pools; Rivers and Dam have become free swimming pools which are available for everyone 🙂 🙂 , but it’s not always free, it sometimes costs the lives of swimmers. 😦 😦

so was a good time of the year to make trip out with friend to mountains area mainly around Duhok dam-Kurdistan region  ..


The scene was really fascinating,,,,,surprisingly just one fish hunted by friend and no fish for me 🙂