Trip to Kurd Village – Hungary

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on 16 April 2017 we did a very exciting and interesting trip to one Village in Hungary named  KURD, which could be habitat by Kurdish people from Kurdistan centuries a go on the time of ottoman empire around 1440 according the sources mentioned bellow.

we had a very nice time with some other friends one from Kurdistan and another from Jordan

More information about The history of Kurds in Hungary can be seen in this article

The Kurds in the Ottoman Hungary

Dr. Zurab ALOIAN

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Trip to Budapest – City center

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Budapest has shed its socialist past and recaptured much of the cosmopolitan spirit that it had in the first half of the 20th century.

The city is divided into two halves by the Danube River and was formally two distinct cities, Buda on the western bank and Pest on the eastern bank. Buda is a popular residential area, while Pest is the city’s commercial core and home to many industries and businesses.

Me at center of Budapest finger to Hungary flag which is similar to Kurdistan flag.. except lack of sun 🙂 in the center of flag


Although it accounts for most of the industry in Hungary, Budapest is more than just a political, cultural and commercial hub. Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Alongside the beautiful architecture and UNESCO world heritage sites, Budapest offers residents a range of world-class shopping opportunities and some of the best nightlife in Europe.

While easily one of the most walk-able cities in Europe, Budapest also has an excellent transportation network, which makes living without a car easy and stress-free. The metro is primarily a Pest operation, with two lines covering wide north-south and east-west arcs and a third, smaller line connecting the center with the City Park . Buda is dominated by a complex tram and bus system.

PhD studying journey

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On the 15 of September 2016 another big and long journey started in my life.

This journey about doing PhD in food science  Hungary .the studying well lengthen for approximately  for 4 years. Thanks for the Hungarian scholarship (TPF) for providing me with this opportunity.



Many areas could be planned for Research works (examples):

  • Development of analytical methods for inorganic and organic substituents in different kind of food samples

  • Risk assessment at the food technologies

  • New technological processes for food development

  • Food biotechnological steps in the field of fermentation